Into the Dark

I’m opening up this blog with the goal of connecting with the writing community, from writers to agents, and all the connections in between. I will also, as it reaches completion, make a few of my chapters available to be read. As of now I will only be updating the general goings on of my writing process, maybe some discussions, and some pictures/screenshots to go along with it.

Where to begin….

Into the Dark, is a science fiction novel, written by Zachary Harrison Brown.

The story is about Jacer, and Whis-Jei. Growing up together in The Academy, both were trained in the art of combat, and warfare. Jacer, excelling above all other students, is captured during a flash strike by the Preshood’s greatest enemy, The Divine Hagi. Whis-Jei makes it his life’s goal to receive retribution for this outrage, he makes it his entire raison d’être to see to the destruction of the Hagi-Nagi.

Handwritten Completion: 84,659/106,000


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