Questions for Writers

Fantastic succinct interview.


I found this list of questions here: http://writeitsideways.com/37-questions-new-writers-should-ask-themselves/. I thought I’d answer them.

  1. Why do I want to be published?
    I want to be published because I want to make writing my career. I don’t want to need to get a full time job that could take away from my writing. And I want a job that I can be passionate about.
  2. What type of writing will I to focus on?
    I don’t want to focus on a single genre, but I would write mostly fantasy and science fiction. However, I also want to write horror and thrillers, YA, and middle grade fiction.
  3. What expectations do I have for myself as a writer?
    I don’t have a whole lot of expectations. I suppose I expect to make enough to not need another job. I also expect to put in a lot of work.
  4. Are my expectations realistic?
    I hope so.

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