The Galaxy is Evolving, Enter the fluxDominion

I’m extremely proud of how far along the fluxDominion has come. And will come, all of your support has pushed me to keep aiming for success.

the fluxDominion

First, the launch of the fluxDominion across every major social media outlet, which has been successful so far. Check out all the sources of information from the galaxy of the fluxDominion as I prepare to launch the first book in the history of this galaxy.

Facebook –  http://j.mp/thefdfb

Pinterest – http://j.mp/thefdpin

Twitter – http://j.mp/valgcon

Website – http://j.mp/thefdvcom

Google+ – http://j.mp/thefdgplus

Tumblr – http://j.mp/fdtmblr

Things have gotten very busy, and any support has been absolutely motivating.  I’ve been working with Nick Nestor, a fantastic artist, who is helping me make my visions a reality.  The Carnage of Paltock, will be released with four maps, some amazing cover art, and some memorabilia plucked straight from the fluxDominion.  All done by this talented graphic designer, help me support his art as well check him out on his various pages:

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/NickNestorArt

Tumblr – http://nestoronfire.tumblr.com/

DeviantArt – http://nestoronfire.deviantart.com/

Here is one of the evolution of one of the completed star maps:

by ZachAcid by…

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