To all who support the fluxDominion,

Your small contribution to the overall development of this small, fragile, whisper of a grand idea continues to give us hope for the future of the fluxDominion.  Without any material, it’s with understanding that the product is currently intangible.  Therefore, beginning 104 CE 2015, or April 15th, 2015, exclusively on WordPress, the fluxDominion will be releasing an exclusive series that will be made available in 1,000 word minimum segments every 7 Rotations (days).  The culmination of these episodes will be made into a book, once released will see the removal of these stories from WordPress.  Depending on the response I will continue the series.

Thank you all once more, prepare to engage in the fluxDominion,

– Zach Acid

P.S. )Help the fluxDominion dominate the internet:

Website – http://j.mp/thefdvcom
Facebook – http://j.mp/thefdfb
Twitter – http://j.mp/valgcon
Google+ – http://j.mp/thefdgplus
Pinterest – http://j.mp/thefdpin
Wordpress – http://j.mp/fdwprss
Tumblr – http://j.mp/fdscratchpad )


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