Projects Updates

The Carnage of Paltock

  •  Write Novel 
  •  Edit Novel 
  •  Design Interstellar Maps 
  •  Design Terrestrial Maps
  •  Design Cover
  •  Launch

Into the Dark

  • Write Novel
  • Proof Read
  • Submit to Publisher

Word Press mini-series

  •  Outline prepared for 30 “Episodes”

Social Media Launch

  • Facebook  http://j.mp/thefdfb
  • Webpage  http://j.mp/thefdvcom
  • Twitter http://j.mp/valgcon
  • Google+  http://j.mp/thefdgplus
  • Pinterest http://j.mp/thefdpin
  • Tumblr http://j.mp/fdscratchpad

It’s with confidence I can say that this has all been going very well.  I can’t wait to start off this mini series, it’ll be a lot of fun to write, and it’ll give you all something to enjoy while my first book is ready to get launched.  Thank you all for the continued support.

-Zach Acid


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